Bail Bonding

We provide bail bond services for local, state, and secured bonds.  Take a look at our Bond 101 page for more information.

Warrant Checks

Did you miss a court date? Do you think there may be a warrant out for your arrest? Affinity Bail Bonding will run warrant checks and give you fast options on how these warrants can be resolved.

If your warrant requires a bond we can make accommodations and payment arrangements prior to turning yourself in to produce the quickest processing time possible.

Court Date Checks

If you aren’t sure about the details of your court date, we have access to ACIS and NCIC court database to check court dates in real time.

Case Status

Our access to the court database can clarify any discrepancies or questions you may have about the status of your court case.

House Calls

Don’t have access to a computer or transportation?  We have agents that will come to you to complete the entire bail bond process.

Payments Processing

Affinity Bail Bonding can accept payments over the phone using Visa, Master Card and Discover as well as cash payments.